Out of Stock List

Name Pattern Numbers
New Tempted Fully Stocked**
New Indulgence H2812, H2821, H2834, H2835, H2836, H2846, H2876, H2881
New Attitude Sport Fully Stocked**
New Seersucker Fully Stocked**
New Limitless Fully Stocked**
New Instinct Fully Stocked**
New VV150s Fully Stocked**
New English Valley Tweeds Fully Stocked**
New Renaissance Fully Stocked**
Current English 120s (Linthwaite S120s * ) Fully Stocked**
Current English 150s (Linthwaite S120s * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Gallantry (Lockwood * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Liberty (Lindley V1 & V2 * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Panama (Cool Wool * ) HC1124, HC1126, HC1141, HC1142, HC1143, HC1151, HC1152, HC1153, HC1161
Current Spectrum (Castle Hill * ) Fully Stocked**
Current English Gabardines (Gabardines * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Amilled (Aimbry * ) H7700, H7705, H7711, H7719, H7922, H7730, H7731, H7737, H7739, H7922, H7934
Current Gatsby (High Twist * ) HC1204, HC1208, HC1215, HC1227, HC1230, HC1237
Current Classic Milled (Folly Hall * ) HC904, HC917, HC921, HC929, HC931, HC939 HC943, HC950, HC951, HC953, HC956, HC966, HC980
Current Country Tweeds & Twills (Magdale * ) H7445, H7452, H7453, H7454
Current Valour (Marsden * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Integrity (Scisset * ) H1917, H1925, H1926, H1933, H1935, H1936, H1949, H1952, H1966, H1973, H1974, H1976, H1982, H1987, H1994, H3241
Current English Corduroy (Corduroy * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Irish Linen & Cotton (Linen * ) Fully Stocked**
Current Irish Linen & Cotton (Cotton * ) 6540
Current Millionaires Row (River Colne * ) H4008, H4018
Current Event (Formal Occasions * ) H8705, H8706, H8708, H8711, H8712, H8713, H8717, H8721, H8722
Current Inspiration (Attraction * ) H4203, H4204, H4221, H4237
Current Linings SL57, LL95
Current English Coatings (Coatings * ) 6306, 6309, 6311, 6314, 6316, 6322, 6327

* Previous bunch names for reference only
** Stock position correct at time of publishing

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