Andrew Ramroop, Maurice Sedwell

London, UK

At Maurice Sedwell, style, elegance and comfort comes from experienced cutting, perfect fitting and Ultra Bespoke tailoring skills. The one-to-one personal care, combined with dedicated craftsmanship, is the rock upon which the Maurice Sedwell reputation was built. It remains the hallmark of the company today. Every garment is Ultra Bespoke, individually designed, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest standard attainable.

What business aspects have led to the success of Maurice Sedwell?

Luxury cannot be compromised. Every suit we make is truly ULTRA BESPOKE™, that is, individually designed especially to customer requirements, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest traditional standard attainable. We communicate and update with our customer throughout the process as hand-made bespoke is very labour intensive and we want to keep the customer ‘interested’ as she or he tends to have to wait an average of three months to get their garments.

What do you think is the future of tailoring? Do you see technology replacing the essential art of tailoring for instance, cutting, measuring or producing bespoke suits?

Technology is a contradiction in terms of ‘tailoring’, this is why at MAURICE SEDWELL we describe our service as ULTRA BESPOKE™. As a master tailor who cuts and make suits, it is against every sinew of principle to have technology in our domain. Tailors are artisans of the craft; it’s like an original oil painting compared to technology being IPhone photographs…The future of Ultra Bespoke will last as long as men and women have a need to present themselves in a sartorial image that is needed to take themselves seriously – especially in a business environment.

What is Maurice Sedwell’s unique value proposition and how do you acquire your customers?

I touched on this above, however, one does not buy a suit nor order a suit at MAURICE SEDWELL – we project your sartorial image by crafting your suit for comfort, style and elegance. When someone inquires about our suits, we engage them in a conversation that gives us a good idea of their personality, lifestyle and career- the purpose for having a suit. With this information the suit is designed to fit the person’s character – the suit becomes an extension of his or her personality. The idea is to give the wearer a feeling of confidence, of superiority, of excitement… We do not use any fashion books, we excite your mind and help you to visualise yourself wearing our suits. We talk you through our service and how garments are fitted and made. This information makes the customer feel involved, even knowledgeable. We communicate what we do, why we do it and what we wish to achieve in tailoring the ultimate in limited editions.