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Huddersfield Textiles fabric

Huddersfield Textiles luxuriously crafted collections of cloth come from the finest raw materials and are assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every cloth is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards, to encapsulate individualism.

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VV150s Collection

The Luxury Man. A truly “Unique” Luxury Suit fabric This fabulous collection of unique S150s designs combines a truly spectacular VV finish with an unprecedented Drape. Delivering the wearer a feel, unlike any other cloth.

VV Legends Collection

The Luxury Man. A truly “Unique” Luxury Suit fabric This fabulous collection of unique S130s designs combines a truly spectacular VV finish with an unprecedented Drape. Delivering the wearer a feel unlike any other cloth.

Instinct Collection

Independent, Distinguished, Elegant.
The latest British designs in one essential Sport Collection

Integrity V2 Collection

MOHAIR is in many tailors opinions one of the most beautiful types of cloth there is. “Mohair” refers to the fibre of the hair of the Angora goat, the goat being named after the Turkish capital of Ankara, which was historically known as Angora. A  Tremendously luxurious variety of Mohair in various weights. These cloths are made with ideal composition and construction in mind. The benefit of these cloths will be noticeable in a variety of climates. 

Pinnacle Collection

Woven in Huddersfield, England, this 240 gms / 8.5 oz Extrafine Pure new wool cloth cleverly embraces innovative finishing techniques to provide a superior drape and exquisite touch.

Panama Collection

Typically thought of as a modern concept due to its elaborate designs – However, is, in fact, a style of weaving that can be dated back to thousands of years ago – traditionally called a Basketweave you can guess the rest. This is a fabulous collection of lighter worsted wools is designed to meet a gentleman’s expectations of a suit worn in the warmer of seasons. An inspired selection of cloths offering the suiter comfort through its open weave, meaning air can circulate to the body through the cloth keeping one cool. Available in both Modern and Contemporary designs.

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Huddersfield Textiles Ltd are specialist English cloth merchants, providing genuine English cut length cloths and a unique online experience. We are a worldwide gateway to hundreds of years of the finest English craftsmanship and the heritage of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 

VV150s Collection

Integrity V2

Instinct Collection


3D Suit Builder

Our mission here at Huddersfield Textiles is to provide the very best in both luxury suiting cloth and service. We are here to serve you. Our mission is to ensure that our customers are fully equipped to secure ongoing business success and to be able to thrive, even through pandemics. Huddersfield Textiles has grown at a fast rate in the last 12 months, despite the world’s troubles, which means that we are able to help our customers by investing ourselves in this project.

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The World of Huddersfield Textiles

Welcome to the world of Huddersfield Textiles where we delve into the history of our cloth and why Huddersfield is the best place in the world to produce it and lots more about our process and adventures.

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We are proud to lead the field in customer support for the cloth industry. We visit and listen to our customers, form partnerships and help to promote both the traditions of our product and the services of the skilled tailors who trust us with their custom.

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