Lam Nguyen, UKYS Inc


UKYS is an online custom-clothing tailor and retailer. UKYS stands for You Keep Your Style. Each man has his own way of influencing the public via his own individual, unique style.
UKYS provides an online shopping experience for gentlemen looking for custom-tailored suits with quality products and services from the heart.

UKYS aims to promote the value of custom-tailored clothes crafted by talented Vietnamese people. Leveraging the vast experience housed in a country famous for textiles and dedicated tailors, UKYS began putting together a business based on offering custom-tailored clothes and specializing in suits. Suits never lose their appeal, which is why demand for them always remains strong.

What business aspects have led to the success of UKYS?

1. People – We have experienced in-house tailoring team
Vietnam is the factory of many reputable clothing brands around the world. Our products are distributed worldwide under a brand “Made in Vietnam.” Tailors in our country have been creating quality clothing at international standards for years (even before I was born).
Our team of tailors is one of them. During fifteen years in custom-clothing business as a remote supplier, they have strong experience crafting fitted garments without touching body shapes.
2. Innovation
As a young generation in this business, we want to make custom tailoring accessible to all. Measurement is a troublesome problem for both tailors and customers. The industry depends on the tape measure. We want to change this.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the web industry. My team and I made the UKYS App with L.I.M Technology in 2016. Following simple process guides in the app, body measurements can be calculated from photos taken from your phone. Once you have a measurement profile from the UKYS app, your garment will be handled by the skilled hands of our tailors who are masters in tailoring using just photo resources.

3. Integrity
We treat others with sincerity and respect. We create clothing to be worn for the long term, and not meant to be thrown away after a few wears.

What do you think is the future of tailoring? Do you see technology replacing the essential art of tailoring for instance, cutting, measuring or producing bespoke suits?

Life is much simples nowadays with lots of innovation. Uber is making transportation easier for everyone. AirBnb is making travelling without pre-booked accommodation less troublesome.
We can look forward to the future of clothing where dressing your best is incredibly simple with just a click.

Technology may reduce the labor work at certain steps of the tailoring process to enhance productivity. This saves the tailors’ know-how for intellectual works for massive development of the industry.

What is UKYS’ unique value proposition and how do you acquire your customers?

No one wants to be sold. What we do is educate them on our business, our work and our dreams. We share our belief in future of clothing without the tape measure for the measurement process. We need their support to bring this to life if they share the same beliefs.

This is what we did with our successful Kickstarter campaign.

Our value proposition:
1. Easy accessibility to custom world via convenient way to get measured and an affordable price.
2. Risk-free with a Perfect Fit Guarantee.
3. Time-savings in the measurement process and delivery.
4. Privacy-protected in measurement process through our app (with face-censored technology).
5. Personalization with an attractive host of customization options for clothing choices.

Note: The UKYS app is currently for shirting only. We plan to expand to other menswear items this year.