Pino Peluso, Sartoria Peluso Napoli

Napoli, Italy

Master Pino Peluso is a 43 year old Master Tailor from Naples. He began working for his father (also a renowned master tailor) when he was 12 and has had 30 years of experience in tailoring thus far. He has been awarded the “Forbici d’Oro Napoli” (Neapolitan Golden Scissors award) and is currently the Vice President of the “Camera Europea Dell’Alta Sartoria” which is the European Chamber of Haute Couture.

What business aspects have led to the success of Sartoria Peluso?

The Peluso sartoria is an old family tailoring institution, and even today like many years past we always work with the same traditional techniques. Our customers, Italians and foreigners, come to us because they want garments made that respect ancient Neapolitan tailoring and are 100% handmade. Our greatest strength is, and always will be, to work like our ancestral Neapolitan tailors.

What do you think is the future of tailoring? Do you see technology replacing the essential art of tailoring for instance, cutting, measuring or producing bespoke suits?

Technology has already arrived in many big fashion houses but customers love the human touch and the personal relationship from a bespoke operation. They seek the tradition and craftsmanship of old, because they understand tailoring goes beyond technology. As long as tailors stay true to their craft, traditional tailoring will not perish.

What is Sartoria Peluso’s unique value proposition and how do you acquire your customers?

When a suit is realized, with the hands of a master tailor, it is a work of art essentially. There are no other equals, and it is as unique as we are. What we offer is truly a handmade garment akin to a second skin, tailored for superior comfort. The garments we craft are an extension of our personality, and that is exactly why our clients keep returning.