Romain Biette


Why did you become a tailor?
It’s my dream since I’m 14 to work in Menswear. I wanted to do what’s most beautiful and this leaded me to Bespoke tailoring.

Where did you train to become a tailor?
I started four years ago, two years in the last tailoring school of France: l’AFT who is based near Paris. Since then I’m working for myself as pattern maker, the making itself is done by my master tailor.

Would you consider yourself a bespoke master tailor or specialized?
I’m a pattern maker despite the fact that i learnt how to make a complete suit from scratch in school.

What is your definition of bespoke? By what standards are bespoke measured?
For me Bespoke means first of all freedom: freedom of making anything for anybody. It’s means also handmade, a second skin, a shape.

What differentiates one tailor from another?
I think first of all it’s the personality itself of the tailor who makes the difference.

How many fittings do you offer for a bespoke commission? What do you learn from the process about the client?
I offer three fittings at least for the first order. One with only the fabric, the front part is not cut, like this the customer can change the style of the jacket if he wants and I can adjust a lot of things better than if it was on paper. Second fitting with everything made, only the sleeves and collar are not definitively sewn. Last fitting is the one with the suit finished.

How many fittings do you offer for a Made-to-measure commission? What do you learn from the process about the client?
I’m offering at least three fittings for a mtm suit. One with a fitting suit at the ordering, like this I can show to the customer the house style and decide with me what length of jacket, sleeves etc will suit him the better. After I take measures the bespoke way. Second fitting will be when the suit will be delivered, like this I can show all the alterations needed. Last fitting is the final one when I will delivered the suit

What is the most expensive item money can buy at your tailoring shop? What makes it expensive?
The most expensive item would be a bespoke vicuña coat: made with the most precious fabric in the world!

What is the most economical item that you can buy at your tailoring shop? Why do you choose to sell these items?
The most economic item would be socks, because I want that the customer can leave my shop with a complete wardrobe.

Tell us a little about your best client and describe the client experience.
My best customer is someone who came back from us last year after a few years expatriation. He was in need of a complete new wardrobe and it was a pleasure to help him find what’s he needed!

Tell us a little about your worst client and describe the client experience.
I had very few customers who acted badly and not as gentlemen, but every one has been a very unpleasant experience.

How do you advise clients on selecting fabrics for their tailoring commissions? What factors contribute to the choices given to a client?
First of all I’m here to listening their needs. After that I will make a selection in accordance to their financial possibilities and the use they will have of the suit

How do you advise clients on style and fit with respect to body shape? What other factors contribute to the advice offered?
For the first suit they make with me I will invite them to a style they have their habits. Then in time I will propose more original style or more in accordance to their body shape.

How do you plan to leave a legacy as a tailor?
I hope that my family will take care of my business when I will be retired. Until the end of my life I will give everything to the youth because I want that bespoke tailoring continue to be after me.

If you were unable to continue as a tailor, or chose to retire, how would your tailoring house survive? What or how would you plan for such an event.
I’m not think about retiring or being unable 🙂

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